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PCR.Primers, mastermix, and more.

Biotech 101 Primer Mixes, 200 rnx

DNA Barcoding Primer Mixes, 200 rxn

Bird Sexing Primer Mixes, 200 rxn

5x FIREPol® Master Mix
Ready To Load

5x HOT FIREPol® Blend
Master Mix Ready to Load

PCR Grade Water

Gel Electrophoresis.Visualise your DNA safely.

Agarose Tablets

GelGreen® DNA Stain

TBE Electrophoresis Buffer

100 bp DNA Ladder

Gel Loading Dye, Blue (6x)

Consumables.Essentials for your lab work.

Pipette Tips, Racked

PCR Tubes, 0.2 mL

Accessories.Upgrade your Bento Lab workflows.

Platinum Electrode (Replacement)

Adjustable Pipette

Carrying Case for Bento Lab

Swag.Support and join our mission.